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What kind of business briefcase is good for customization?

by:Xilong      2020-04-15
Briefcase is also called briefcase, which can be said to be a must for office workers. When it comes to briefcase, it always reminds people of the traditional style of English leather. However, this old-fashioned heavy briefcase is rarely used now and is replaced by a light and fashionable briefcase. So, what kind of business briefcase is good for customization? Love from the luggage Xiaobian collected several boutique briefcase, I hope to provide some reference for everyone in the custom business briefcase. 1. The fashionable business portable briefcase is simple and steady in shape, light and practical. It is specially designed for business people. It is full of fashion sense and adopts a unique handle design to embellish personality, which is refreshing. 2. The overall design of the light casual briefcase is extremely fashionable and light. The style completely subverts the tradition, but it is full of dynamic vitality, which makes the city life less complicated and heavy, and has a fresh and relaxed feeling, make travel easier. 3. Classic retro contrast color wind briefcase material is mainly nylon, using nostalgic style, but compared with the traditional, more special contrast color design, both natural and unrestrained and practical, more prominent mature charm. 4. Lightweight ultra-thin hand briefcase high-grade Oxford cloth material, with powerful waterproof function, ultra-thin body design, but complete storage function, overall simple and smooth, colorful, suitable for all kinds of formal and informal work occasions. Xilong luggage is committed to providing valuable luggage customization services and has served many well-known enterprises. It has formed a good reputation in the industry and is a luggage manufacturer worthy of trust. We build a professional design and production team, continuously develop, innovate and launch high-quality products to ensure that our products follow the fashion trend and pursue international quality. If you have the need for custom bags, welcome to contact us at any time!
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