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What is the telephone number of Shanghai luggage manufacturer?

by:Xilong      2020-04-04
Q: What is the telephone number of Shanghai luggage manufacturer? A: In an era when network information is so developed, it is easier to find manufacturers with high quality and low price after comparing luggage manufacturers in various places. Guangzhou Xilong luggage Products Co. , Ltd. is an established luggage manufacturer worthy of your choice. The official toll-free hotline for Xilong luggage is 400 0061 690. Dear friends, if there is a need for luggage customization, xilong bags are worthy of your choice and trust. Xilong luggage factory was established in 2004 and is located in China's largest leather goods production and sales center and raw and auxiliary materials distribution center-- Shiling town, Huadu, Guangzhou, has developed into a company with the design and research of luggage products as its core after years of development under the influence of favorable weather, geographical location and people, A luggage industry and trade enterprise integrating luggage production, processing and sales. Xilong luggage, as an old luggage manufacturer, has rich production experience. Luggage products are widely used in various fields, and all kinds of gift bags are customized for well-known enterprises and organizations such as TC, Dell and Baidu all the year round, the quality of the products has also been supported and affirmed by customers from all sides. The visible strength reflects that it is right to look for luggage manufacturers and choose Xilong luggage!
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