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What is the seal?

by:Xilong      2020-03-27
Do you know what is Yinshi? What are the classifications of Yinshi, what are their characteristics and common materials? Printing, or label, is a printed trademark. Printing plate is one of the operation methods in the printed trademark printing industry. Compared with offset offset printing, it is relatively simple. Products are generally used in clothing, shoes, hats and underwear, bags and other daily necessities or textiles are designed to let customers know the material composition of the product and the standard of washing water. The types and characteristics of the printing silk. Edit there are two kinds of materials in the printing silk, one is ribbon, the other is coated, the ribbon is relatively expensive, and the coating is cheaper. Washing water is generally made of ribbon or non-woven fabric. The difference is that the ribbon is best folded in half, otherwise it is prone to burrs after cutting. The washing machine for non-woven fabric printing can not be folded in half, and it is more natural after cutting. For the printing, today's Xilong luggage Xiaobian will sort out these, and then we will continue to sort out the characteristics and advantages of the printing.
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