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What is the maximum size of the custom boarding box?

by:Xilong      2020-04-10
Business people love to board the chassis, because the box can ensure the safety of the items in the chassis after boarding; Light and compact, he is not only very suitable for short-distance business travel, but also does not occupy land. Since he is indispensable for business travel, enterprises will customize a batch of boarding boxes for business travelers. What is the maximum size of the customized boarding boxes? Each airline has a limited size and weight of boarding luggage, and the total length, width and height of the boarding box cannot exceed 115. In the trolley case, those who can get on the awesome plane are the following boarding box sizes: 1. 16-inch luggage case, common size 31*43*13 cm. The 16-inch luggage case is also called the travel document case, and the 16-inch nylon luggage case is a classic travel document case. Take the classic nylon travel case of Xilong luggage as an example. The travel case is mainly black tone, the material is exquisite, the function is comprehensive, the front is set as the file storage layer and the office supplies zipper bag, the main bag is made of thick PE cotton as the interlayer, customized professional computer layer storage, the interior space is large and can also store one or two change shirts. 2. 18-inch luggage case, common size 34cm * 44cm * 20 cm. 18-inch suitcase board chassis height than natural 20-inch suitcase board chassis less storage for 1- For a 4-day business trip, he can customize it into a business travel box or a travel boarding box. The functional requirements of the two will be very different. Business travel boxes will pay more attention to the design of articles that can be stored in the workplace, while travel boarding boxes, like ordinary luggage boxes, will be designed with grid layers and free layers with X-shaped fixed buckles. 3. 20-inch luggage case, the common size is 34cm * 50cm * 20 cm. This kind of luggage case looks small and exquisite, suitable for one person to travel for seven days, and is the favorite of modern young people, it is the maximum size choice for business boarding chassis. The 20-inch luggage case is not only larger in storage than other boarding boxes, but also more customized in style design. It is the best size choice for enterprise boarding box customization.
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