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What is the heat transfer printing of backpack custom logo process?

by:Xilong      2020-03-01
There are many kinds of logo processes used in backpack customization, among which heat transfer printing is a new type of logo printing process that is popular nowadays. However, many people don't know much about this new type of process. Therefore, today, Xilong bags have compiled some relevant information about heat transfer printing for everyone to understand. Thermal transfer printing (Referred to as thermal transfer) It is a kind of indirect transfer special printing and a new printing process, which has been imported from abroad for more than 10 years. Heat transfer printing is to use special transfer printing paper or transfer printing film to print patterns first, and then transfer printing to the substrate. It is mostly used for ceramic decal printing, textile printing, commodity label printing, etc. Heat transfer printing mainly includes hot pressing transfer printing, sublimation heat transfer printing, deinking heat transfer printing, flocking heat transfer printing, heat transfer printing, etc. 1. Hot-pressing transfer printing the hot-pressing transfer printing technology firstly uses screen printing, gravure printing and other printing methods to print pictures and texts on heat transfer printing paper or plastic film, and then through heating and pressure, transfer the graphic to the fabric, leather and other items. 2. Sublimation heat transfer printing traditional sublimation heat transfer printing refers to printing the heat sublimation transfer printing ink to paper through screen printing (Or plastic film)On, the printed paper (Or membrane) Overlapping with fabric to heat, pressurize or depressurize, paper (Or membrane) On the dye into the gas phase state sublimation transfer to the fabric. In addition to fabrics, it can also be transferred to ceramics, metals and other products. The main feature of thermal sublimation transfer printing technology is that the transfer images are colorful and rich in layers, and the effect can be comparable to printing. The difference with the traditional printing is that the dye in the transfer printing ink is sublimated by heat, penetrates into the surface of the object, and forms a beautiful color image after condensation. So the heat transfer printing products are durable, and the image will not fall off, crack and fade. 3, deinking heat transfer printing paper or film as a carrier, printing with plastic ink, because there is hot melt bonding material in the ink, generally do not print back glue. During transfer printing, heat and pressure are applied, and after the ink layer is heated, the binder melts and bonds with the substrate. When removing the carrier, the graphic ink layer can be detached from the carrier and transferred to the substrate. 4. Flocking heat transfer printing paper is used as the carrier. First, a layer of Hot Melt Adhesive is pre-coated on the paper, then flocking on the glue surface, and then hot melt ink is used on the suede surface (It is actually a Hot Melt Adhesive prepared into a solution)Printed graphics and text. 5. Thermal transfer printing is simply the process of transferring ink from carbon tape medium to paper or film with heat and pressure, which is mainly used for label printing. That is, when the label passes through the print head and the finale of the printer, the ink is transferred to the label through heat and pressure. The pattern of heat transfer printing is rich in layers, bright in color, ever-changing, with small color difference and good reproducibility, which can achieve the required effect of the designer and is suitable for mass production. Therefore, heat transfer printing process is also more and more favored by customers in backpack customization.
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