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What is the good texture of notebook backpack?

by:Xilong      2020-04-02
Notebook everyone's electronic products can be placed in his palm but cannot be closed in his pocket, so the notebook backpack gave him a home. Then how to choose a good home for notebook computers? What is the good texture of notebook backpack? First, nylon, nylon is a common computer backpack fabric, the fabric is characterized by strong wear resistance, strong bearing capacity, according to the size of the density of the strength can be large or small. Nylon material computer backpack usually adds waterproof membrane to protect the computer, and its dust-proof function allows the computer to sleep safely. The second DuPont material DuPont material is a new type of protective technology material, which is developed and exclusively authorized by Xilong luggage. The fabric itself has the three-proof function, not afraid of water in rainy days, not afraid of dust when traveling outside, not afraid of oil and water when eating and napping, which is the three-proof effect of waterproof, oil-proof and dust-proof. DuPont material computer backpack has amazing texture, comparable to leather material and unique flavor, which is the upgrading trend of computer backpack material. The above two kinds of Xilong bags can serve you and design a personalized gift computer backpack for your enterprise.
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