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What is the difference between PU and PVC coating of Oxford cloth luggage?

by:Xilong      2020-04-24
Oxford cloth is one of the most commonly used fabrics in fabric bags, while coated Oxford cloth refers to the fabric treated by special coating and waterproof agent. This fabric is waterproof and easy to take care, and the use is more extensive. Common Oxford cloth coated bags mainly include PU and PVC, so what are the differences between PU and PVC coatings for customized Oxford cloth bags? In the domestic Oxford cloth coated luggage fabric, PU and PVC are recognized as synthetic leather, and they are also one of PVC, but in fact, there are several differences in the production process of these two kinds of coated fabrics. For example, in terms of thickness, the bottom of PU fabric of Oxford cloth luggage is thicker than that of PVC, and its manufacturing process is also better. In terms of hand feeling, the PVC coated fabric of Oxford cloth luggage is harder than that of PU coating, especially when the temperature is relatively low, the PVC coated fabric will harden, while the PU Coating fabric will not. Compared with PVC in terms of performance, PU has better softness, more bending resistance and air permeability, and PU coated fabric has the characteristic of slight tensile strength. The difference between PU and PVC coating of Oxford cloth luggage mainly lies in the thickness, hand feeling and performance of the fabric, so if you want to customize a high-quality Oxford cloth luggage, except for the choice of fabric, manufacturer selection is also very important. Then Xiaobian here to recommend you Xilong luggage custom manufacturers, Xilong bags can be made according to your requirements Oxford cloth bags, fabrics can choose PU or PVC coating.
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