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What is the difference between PU and PVC backpacks?

by:Xilong      2020-04-22
Leather luggage is one of the materials that most luggage consumers like. It is not only waterproof and durable, but also can set off people's elegant and steady temperament. At present, there are generally two categories of leather on the market: genuine leather and artificial leather. Bags made of genuine leather are expensive, which makes many consumers afraid. Therefore, most consumers will choose a more affordable price, artificial leather with similar hand feeling and texture. So what is the difference between PU and PVC backpacks in artificial leather? PU and PVC materials belong to polyethylene, but compared with PVC Artificial Leather, PU artificial leather has softer hand feeling, thicker base cloth and lighter taste when burning. Moreover, the leather texture of PU leather is more realistic, stain resistance and wear resistance are stronger, and PU Leather also has zigzag resistance, good softness, tensile strength and air permeability, But PU leather is relative to PVC leather, the price cost is higher and the manufacturing process is more complicated. What is the difference between PU and PVC backpacks? One is cost, the other is performance, and the third is technology. Then when making high-quality artificial leather backpacks, the material is certainly the first choice, but the manufacturer's choice cannot be ignored. Choosing the manufacturer to customize high-quality PU or PVC backpacks, Xilong luggage customization factory is the only choice. It not only has the ability of research and development design, but also has rich experience in the backpack manufacturing industry. More importantly, during the more than ten years since the establishment of Xilong bags, hundreds of well-known enterprises have cooperated all the year round, such as Baidu, Huawei, etc.
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