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What is the difference between computer backpack and mountaineering bag?

by:Xilong      2020-04-17
Looking at the streets and alleys, there are more people who use computer backpacks than those who use mountaineering bags, because computer backpacks are relatively popular, and mountaineering bags are more likely to be favored by travelers who like outdoor travel or mountaineering. So what are the differences between computer backpacks and mountaineering bags? Computer backpacks are mainly designed to better protect computers from external harm, so computer backpacks generally choose nylon or polyester with better waterproof and wear resistance. The computer backpack should be equipped with a computer slot, and the computer slot should be equipped with a fixed safety belt, and the slot should be equipped with a thick shockproof sponge, and the sponge should choose Pearl cotton with better heat dissipation function. Mountaineering bags are also made of nylon material with good waterproof and wear resistance, but the waterproof and wear resistance strength is better than that of computer backpacks. The biggest difference between the mountaineering bag and the computer backpack is the design of the carrying system. The carrying system of the mountaineering bag has higher requirements, not only considering the ventilation and perspiration, but also the fixation of the front chest buckle of the mountaineering bag carrying system, in order to prevent the mountaineering bag from shaking outdoors. The difference between the computer backpack and the mountaineering bag is that the functional design is different, the material requirements are different, and the carrying system requirements are different. So if you are interested in customizing computer backpacks or mountaineering bags, you can directly contact Xilong bags. Xilong bags have been focusing on customizing bags and bags, and can independently develop and design bags for customers.
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