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What is the difference between a computer bag and an inner bag?

by:Xilong      2020-04-04
In an era when people have a computer bag, what is the difference between a computer bag and an inner bag? The so-called inner bag is outsourced with ordinary notebooks and backpacks (backpack), Handbag (handbag)Such as the difference; The outsourced computer bag pays attention to the carrying function, and the Sea contains all rivers, which can be all-encompassing; While the inner bag pays attention to protection; It is equivalent to beautiful women's coats and underwear; All inner bags do not have a uniform size and are tailored to the size of the notebook. The computer bag is a laptop bag, both shoulders and portable. There will be a thick and soft cushion in the bag where the notebook is placed in the computer bag. For example, Xilong bag is placed with shockproof PE cotton, which is the inner container. The liner is to prevent accidental computer bag falling or vibration from causing damage to the notebook. Then why does the inner bag exist with the backpack? Because the special computer bag has a single function, some people want to put the notebook in an ordinary backpack, not too conspicuous, but also can put more things, so there is an inner bag, the inner container, which is equivalent to the laptop bag, is a soft bag. You can put the notebook in it, and then put the inner bag in the ordinary backpack, so that the notebook can be carried in the ordinary backpack. Notebooks equipped with inner bags are generally not too large, mostly within 14 inches, so that they can be conveniently put into ordinary backpacks.
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