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What is the common method of luggage design?

by:Xilong      2020-04-15
Bags are used more and more frequently in our daily life. For example, children need to use schoolbags to go to school, travel needs a backpack or luggage case, business people use business bags, etc. Bags have multiple functions, to realize these functions, we need to start from design. So, do you know what method is commonly used in luggage design? 1. Addition and subtraction: This is mainly to add or delete some departments that need or not in luggage design. 2. Exaggeration method: This method is to use bold and imaginative design methods and then select the best from all schemes. 3. Association method: This method is to associate with a certain thing or scene to design the most beautiful luggage. 4. Combination method: the combination design method of bags and suitcases will generally exceed the desired effect. It uses the combination of two new things to obtain a new thing. 5. Variation Method: This design method is to add some new design elements based on the original design, so as to obtain new product effects. 6. Reverse method: This design method is to think backward from the original basis and then obtain new products from it. 7. Series method: The Series method is to design multiple bags with different styles. 8. Bionic method: This is the method that designers use to make bionic design by referring to the things of nature. 9. Retro method: retro design is a fusion design for some beautiful decorations in ancient times. 10. Body change method: the design method of this bag is mainly to focus on the basics, that is, to make different changes in the shape and structure of the top of the sachet. Luggage realizes the function and use of luggage through different design methods. If you want to obtain a bag that meets your own needs, you definitely need personalized customization. Xilong luggage has more than ten years of business experience in the luggage customization industry. It has its own professional research and development and design team, which can meet the various needs of customers. Welcome to consult!
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