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What is the bag that can be hung on the trolley case?

by:Xilong      2020-08-21
Recently, customers searched for keywords and found such a keyword:'What is the bag that can be hung on the trolley case? ' The customer who searched for the word also proposed in the website dialogue that he wanted to customize the bag that could be hung on the trolley case as an employee benefit. What bags are available on the market now that can be hung on luggage case? First, briefcase briefcase is designed from the briefcase itself. In order to make the briefcase and luggage case use simultaneously, the Masters will deliberately add an elastic band to the back of the briefcase, not only can they travel together and store them without conflict, and can adapt to any luggage case. Second, the computer bag, computer bag and briefcase are the same in design. The modern network is developed, and business people travel with computers on business trips, which has already penetrated the current market demand. Most of the same styles are black and gray classic colors, with more savings layers inside than briefcase, and four square shapes. Hanging on luggage case is neither cumbersome nor burden-reducing. Third, computer backpacks, computer backpacks, most of which are mainly shoulder bags, also have a back storage layer, single or double layer, currently there are many brands on the market to remove the back storage layer, it is designed as a special fixing sleeve for pull rods, or a zipper is designed directly under the storage layer, which can be stored or hung on the trolley case and pulled away. However, the disadvantage is that the storage and the trolley case cannot be operated at the same time, only when they are not hung on the trolley case, they become the savings layer. At present, it is very popular for the human body to carry the computer backpack with the ventilation system. The so-called human body carrying the ventilation system is to add the interlayer pad to the human body carrying the ventilation system and separate it from the carrying system, it is guaranteed that it can not only protect the human body, but also hang it on the trolley case for use. There are many styles of computer backpacks in Xilong bags, all of which have the functions and features that computer backpacks should have. They have been customized for 12 years, it is a professional luggage customization manufacturer integrating product design, research and development, production, processing and sales. Since its establishment, Xilong luggage has been insisting on luggage customization and has served more than 3200 enterprises worldwide, word of mouth guarantee, trustworthy!
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