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What is luggage spot customization?

by:Xilong      2020-04-07
Generally speaking, when it comes to the spot of luggage manufacturers, they usually think of the inventory at the first time. However, if the professional luggage gift manufacturer service provider, the luggage spot is not inventory, but simple and influential luggage spot, also become the luggage spot customization. If you have just heard of the customization of bags and bags in stock, it seems that the concept is still somewhat vague. What is the customization of bags and bags in stock? What is luggage spot customization? Spot customization of luggage is a commodity sales mode that combines the traditional concept of spot luggage with the customization requirements of personalized needs. For example, a batch of backpacks are selected for production and formed without adding brand characteristic elements. To be developed backpack spot gifts' It is convenient for the enterprise to quickly produce a batch of self-branded personalized logo mold opening after selecting the backpack, and then reprocess its logo and backpack to form' Brand logo backpack spot gift'. That is to say, the brand image is given to the ordinary backpack, which represents the enterprise brand to promote, so as to achieve the effect of brand promotion. The spot customization of luggage not only fundamentally overcomes the technical problems of logo installation, but also can quickly adapt to the customer's customization needs in the short term to a large extent, and solve the acute promotion needs of some enterprises, it has achieved the win-win goal of small batch size, low price and fast delivery, and completely changed the situation that the bag manufacturer refused to take over the production due to the small batch size in the luggage customization market, or the price was expensive and the delivery time was long, therefore, this model has been welcomed by more and more enterprises and users. Xilong bags and suitcases launched the spot customization of bags and suitcases to solve the problems of some partners in a timely manner. It has received numerous support and praise and is deeply delighted and honored. Xilong bags will continue to strengthen'Custom bags in stock' , Launch more customized product styles for bags and bags in stock, give each new and old customer more choices, and show more corporate brand images.
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