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What if the new schoolbag smells big and how to remove the smell?

by:Xilong      2020-04-11
As the new semester begins, many parents have already prepared the new schoolbags for the children to start school, but many parents have reported that the newly bought schoolbags will more or less give off some flavor. If it is a online shopping bag, it tastes bigger. So, what if the new schoolbag smells big? How to remove flavor? Xilong luggage manufacturers give you some small suggestions, let's learn about it. 1. Ventilation and deodorization new schoolbags will have peculiar smell, which is usually the residual smell of materials. In addition, there will be no ventilation and ventilation for a long time after putting them into the packaging bag. Therefore, when they are just opened, there will be peculiar smell, at this time, parents can use the air circulation to dilute the taste of the schoolbag, and place the schoolbag in a cool and ventilated place. The taste of the schoolbag will naturally fade in a few days. 2, adsorption and odor removal can be put in the bag orange peel, activated carbon, lemon, tea and other good taste-absorbing items, pull the zipper, after a few days, the bag taste will be sucked away by these substances, leave a clear fragrance. 3. Cleaning method the new schoolbag is cleaned with some detergent containing fragrance, and then taken out for drying, so that the peculiar smell will be naturally removed. There are many ways to remove odor from new schoolbags. You can carry out specific operations according to your actual situation. However, it is worth noting that if the new schoolbag contains a very strong pungent taste, everyone should be alert to whether the residual formaldehyde in the schoolbag is caused by exceeding the standard. I believe everyone knows the harm of formaldehyde, just in case, when parents buy new schoolbags, they are particularly smelly, even those tastes can't be removed. Such schoolbags should not be used by children, so as not to affect their health. Buy customized schoolbags, please look for Xilong luggage manufacturers. The bags made by Xilong luggage are all selected and excellent materials to ensure that the materials are environment-friendly, healthy, non-toxic and harmless, and make products that satisfy customers, the products produced by Xilong bags and suitcases all conform to the light industry standards of the People's Republic of China (QB/T1333-2018) ', Can issue relevant test reports, visible product quality and service, worthy of choice, trustworthy.
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