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What fabrics are customized for computer inner bag?

by:Xilong      2020-04-16
With the development of the times, the computer, an electronic product, has become a household name, from the original super-large assembly machine to the desktop for home use to the notebook computer that we almost have to use now. Due to the continuous development of computers, the surrounding areas of computers and related products have also been invented and developed accordingly, such as mouse and keyboard. Compared with notebook computers, the inner package of computers is also developing continuously. What fabrics are customized for the computer inner bag? 1. Diving material, diving material is a synthetic rubber foam, delicate, soft, elastic and waterproof, diving material computer inner bag, shockproof and scratch-proof, is currently the most widely used material in the computer bag market. 2. Foam, foam is divided into PU Foam, antistatic foam, conductive foam, EPE, antistatic EPE, etc. The customized computer inner bag of foam is elastic and light in weight; It is characterized by free bending, ultra-thin volume and reliable performance. 3. Memory cotton, memory Cotton is also a slow rebound material. Slow rebound is a kind of material with special viscoelastic characteristics, which reflects very soft material characteristics and has strong impact energy absorption capability. The inner bag made of memory Cotton has slow resilience and strong shock resistance. What fabrics are customized for computer inner bag? Enterprises can choose the above three kinds of commonly used fabrics for customizing computer inner bags, and the price and performance are cost-effective. It is believed that it is a good decision to choose inner bag manufacturers and Xilong bags. Xilong luggage customization manufacturers provide professional computer bag customization services. Computer bags are of good quality and good quality at low prices. They are convenient to carry and have all kinds of functions. They can be tested and tested to meet various standards of all countries in the world, the factory can provide various sizes and styles of computer bag samples, can also be processed to meet customer requirements, but also to sample drawings for proofing! Xilong bags look forward to cooperating with you.
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