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What fabrics are commonly used for custom-made mountaineering bags?

by:Xilong      2020-04-03
Mountaineering bag customization service is becoming more and more popular, and many enterprises are looking for mountaineering bag manufacturers to customize personalized mountaineering bags as employee welfare products or business gifts. Generally speaking, the grade of the applied fabric of the mountaineering bag determines the durability of the mountaineering bag, so the choice of applied fabric is very important. So, what fabrics are commonly used for custom-made mountaineering bags? Commonly used fabric 1: Nylon, commonly known as Nylon, also known as Nylon, has the advantages of good strength, wear resistance, chemical resistance, deformation resistance and aging resistance, and is light in texture, it can reduce the burden of the bearers, but the hand feels hard. The more famous brands are PERTEX, CORDURA, etc. Common fabric 2: spandex spandex is telescopic nylon, also known as SPANDEX, which has the advantages of high elasticity, high scalability and high resilience, and is often used as an auxiliary material blended with other materials, usually 2% can improve the sense of movement, drape and shape preservation of the fabric. The disadvantage is that it has weak alkali resistance and is easy to turn yellow and embrittlement after encountering chlorine or being irradiated by ultraviolet rays. Common fabric three: POLYESTER, POLYESTER fiber commonly known as POLYESTER fiber, also known as POLYESTER, is characterized by outstanding air permeability and moisture discharge, as well as strong acid and alkali resistance and ultraviolet resistance. Customized mountaineering bags are the first choice for Xilong luggage manufacturers. We are a professional mountaineering bag manufacturer with excellent design and production team to ensure fashionable style and meticulous workmanship. We are a trustworthy mountaineering bag manufacturer.
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