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What fabric is best for customizing kindergarten schoolbags?

by:Xilong      2020-04-14
Many kindergartens will find schoolbag manufacturers to customize schoolbags, print brand information on schoolbags, and then distribute them to children in a unified way, which can enhance the brand image of kindergartens and facilitate kindergarten enrollment. However, schoolbags are the closest partners of children. Customized kindergarten schoolbags must fully consider the health problems of children, especially the application fabric of schoolbags. What fabric is best for customizing kindergarten schoolbags? The application fabric of kindergarten schoolbags must be light, so lighter fabric should be selected, and nylon fabric or PVC fabric is recommended. The children are in the stage of physical development, and the weight they can bear is not high. In order to avoid affecting the normal development of the children, it is necessary to choose lighter fabrics for the schoolbags. Xilong luggage manufacturer is a professional manufacturer of customized kindergarten schoolbags. Founded in 2004, it has rich production experience and a professional team. The schoolbags are made of environmentally friendly five toxic fabrics with reasonable design, pay attention to the health of children, is a good luggage cooperative manufacturers.
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