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What fabric do you choose for waist bag customization?

by:Xilong      2020-04-06
Small pockets, all rivers run into sea; Small pockets, fashion. The waist bag customization saves more promotional costs, and the promotional activities are still very prosperous, and the packaging is one of the hot priorities of the waist bag, that is, the fabric selection of the waist bag. What fabric do you choose for the waist bag customization? 1. Luxury and elegant'Noble'- Leather waist bag, leather waist bag is of the same grade in terms of appearance and texture, and is very strict in workmanship and material. Choosing leather waist bag is a symbol of identity, and the cost as a gift is also very high. Therefore, customized leather waist bags are often given to senior leaders and first-class customers, and the quantity is generally not large, so the price is even higher. 2. The strongest'Cloth wall'- The nylon waist bag wall is the barrier of a real house or garden, while the nylon waist bag is our luggage. Cloth boundary' The most sturdy wall, he is strong and wear-resistant, durable and durable, the price is medium. In general, it can be seen from the appearance that nylon is divided into fine-grained nylon and pothole nylon. Fine-grained nylon has a soft and comfortable hand feeling and a more commercial appearance, while pothole nylon has a subtle concave-convex hand feeling and a more casual appearance, this should be customized according to the requirements of enterprises for waist bag customization. 3. Grounding gas'Civilians'- Canvas pocket canvas is what everyone can control. 'Fashion' Canvas pockets can be fresh and free from vulgarity or colorful and fancy. What he pursues more is not quality, but the design of canvas bags. The more unique the design, the higher the value. If you customize a canvas waist bag, as a promotional gift, he not only has low cost, but also has a strong audience. However, if you want to have a good effect, you should choose the manufacturer of the waist bag to customize the personalized waist bag. The above three kinds of waist bag fabrics are provided by Xilong luggage customization manufacturers according to different customer needs, hoping to be helpful to everyone.
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