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What drugs should be prepared for outdoor medicine bags?

by:Xilong      2020-04-07
When traveling in the city, there is a hospital to help treat it anytime and anywhere, so outdoor travel is not so convenient. Therefore, outdoor travel, long distance travel, carry-on medical bags should be indispensable. Far away from the bustling city, deep into the depths of nature, it is also far away from the life-saving place with complete equipment and excellent medical resources. Everything is unknown during the journey, so it is safest to be prepared. 1. Personal special medicine: If your body has special health problems, such as heart disease, hypertension, asthma and other chronic diseases, you must not forget to bring life-saving drugs. Travelers with heart disease should prepare nitroglycerin and quick-acting heart-saving pills in addition to not trying dangerous sports. People with diabetes should prepare hypoglycemic drugs, especially those who need insulin. If they need to travel, they need to carefully check their medicines. If you are traveling to equatorial cities, even if you only go out for two hours, don't forget to prepare a small electronic refrigerator to save insulin injections and ensure the efficacy. 2. Motion sickness medicine: If you have motion sickness experience, it is necessary to take motion sickness medicine such as halting and feisaile. For example, you plan to arrive in Penang by boat from Langkawi Island in Malaysia and take a motion sickness medicine one hour in advance, A 3-hour journey will be very pleasant. 3. Gastrointestinal Medicine: for travelers, local cuisine is absolutely indispensable. If you eat at a roadside stall, indigestion or bacterial infection of your intestines and stomach will inevitably occur. In the medicine box, there is no shortage of digestive drugs for beneficial fungi such as lactase, jianweixiaoshi tablets, etc. , as well as norfloxacin, berberine, smecta and other drugs for treating intestinal bacterial infection. Drugs for treating diarrhea are also very necessary. 4. Gunpowder reduction: sore throat and obstructed stool are the most common symptoms of travelers, so preparing Niuhuang Jiedu pills and Huanglian Shangqing pills can greatly eliminate your troubles.
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