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What do you choose for outdoor sports gift bags?

by:Xilong      2020-04-14
In recent years, outdoor sports have risen and people's enthusiasm has become higher and higher. Mountaineering, rock climbing, hiking and other forms of sports have become more and more popular. As outdoor sports is a professional sports activity, in order to consider the needs of safety and life, the outdoor products market has emerged. China's outdoor products industry has gradually entered a mature stage. The total retail sales of outdoor products in China reached 107 in 2011. 0. 6 billion yuan, maintaining a sustained and rapid development trend. Among them, indispensable outdoor products--Outdoor travel bags are very popular. What do you choose for outdoor sports gift bags? In the summer and tourism seasons, merchants and enterprises will choose outdoor sports gift bags, but what is the best choice? The following Xilong bags recommend several classic outdoor sports gift bags developed for customers. 1. DuPont technology's waist bag gift DuPont technology's waist bag gift is selected from DuPont Company of the United States. Super protective DuPont fabric', With waterproof, oil-proof, dust-proof three-proof technology. This DuPont technology waist bag is a direct promotion on behalf of DuPont products. The telescopic nylon webbing and nylon buckle selected on the accessories are all of Upper texture and have strong plasticity in internal structure, it can store mobile phones, umbrellas and daily necessities, and is suitable for outdoor mountaineering, hiking and other activities. 2. Pinsheng version of sports mobile phone arm bag gifts, pinsheng version of sports mobile phone arm bag gifts, lightweight design, weight about 0. 5 KG, super light and practical; The main material is made of diving fabric, which is elastic, waterproof and sweat-proof, and there is no need to worry about sweat soaking the mobile phone and pedometer. In addition, it also adopts adjustable super-long arm magic belt, which can freely adjust the appropriate wearing Radian, suitable for all ages; The watermark logo used by pinsheng is simple and eye-pleasing. It not only does not dislike it, but also has a sense of brand honor. 3. CNOOC shoulder bag promotional gifts, CNOOC shoulder bag promotional gifts, are designed for car owners. This shoulder bag is made of 600D nylon material, which is strong, wear-resistant and has long service life, and can make CNOOC brand promotion effective for a long time; Thick and breathable portable, in line with the human wrist, small force, more comfortable to use; Detachable crossbody shoulder strap, flexible, arbitrary adjustment in line with height and size; The internal stock is large and can hold IPAD, mobile phone, A4 book, umbrella, water, etc. It is a practical shoulder bag for work and outdoors. 4. Alishan cigarette folding travel bag Alishan cigarette folding travel bag, which is very convenient for outdoor travel, folding when not in use, when used in the sea. This folding travel bag is lightweight and is a large portable travel bag. Nylon material customized for folding travel bags, light anti-wear, non-water seepage, anti-wrinkle and non-ironing; The zipper teeth are tight and orderly, and the pull head belt is convenient to switch; Multi-grid storage and reasonable management of items, the super-large capacity storage of the main bag makes it more practical value, printing Alishan brand logo, bright and eye-catching, brand exposure rate is high. According to several years of information statistics, the number of people participating in outdoor sports in China has exceeded 0. 1 billion. It can be seen that the potential of China's outdoor market is very considerable, and it is definitely a good choice for enterprises and merchants to choose promotional sports gift bags. If you like the above styles or have a favorite outdoor luggage style, you can consult the Xilong luggage manufacturer on the right.
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