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What do eva kits need to pay attention?

by:Xilong      2020-04-15
What do eva kits need to pay attention? There are many categories of eva toolkits, ranging from pencil cases used by students to tablet computer games and car repair tools. eva toolkits can be used, and we should know how to order a good eva kit? First, clear EVA kit custom function. There are many kinds of EVA toolkits that can be customized and can be installed with various small tools that are not commonly used, such as pens, fruit knives, scissors, mobile phones, headphones, small tablet computers, tablet games, etc, it can also be used to go out. We need to know the function and use of the EVA kit to give the EVA kit manufacturer a clear custom requirement. Two, clear EVA kit crowd. The use of EVA kits is different, and the eva kits adapt to the crowd is also different. Tool Bags are generally adapted to migrant workers' tools, absenteeism tools, and multi-functional tool kits, which are generally similar for home use. Generally customized customers include car repair tools, motorcycle repair tools, tools made of various hardware materials, medical treatment, measuring instruments, etc. Third, eva kit custom partners. EVA kit customization manufacturers must have formal company registration information, EVA kit factory location, and relevant quality certificates. Generally, good eva kits and iron pendants are made of relatively thick steel instead of iron wires. Four, if it is the kind of backpack, generally all the stress parts, more than a few layers of canvas, and the sewing machine is very dense. The strap is very wide, and the joint with the shoulder has a relatively large shoulder pad. This is a good thing. All fasteners are made of strong engineering plastics. And relatively thick. The most important thing in the process of customizing the EVA kit is to choose what kind of eva kit you want to customize, and then understand whether the eva kit manufacturer is regular. If you haven't selected the EVA kit manufacturer yet, you can choose to cooperate with Xilong luggage manufacturers.
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