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What details should be paid attention to when customizing wash bags?

by:Xilong      2020-03-30
The wash bag is a bag used outside, so the quality of the wash bag should be strictly controlled. How can we judge whether a wash bag is good or bad? What details should Shi Hong pay attention to when customizing the wash bag? The first point is the material selection of the wash bag. The wash bag is characterized by small size, so choosing a light material will not cause a burden on the trip, but the light needs quality. The wash bag is a must-have for travel, and the wear resistance and water resistance are very good, generally, nylon, polyester and PVC materials are also feasible. The second point is the choice of accessories for the wash bag. The zipper, pull head and handle of the wash bag are the most important accessories. The zipper should choose a waterproof zipper, and it should be tight, seamless and neat; Pull head most manufacturers will choose double pull head, because it is convenient to place toiletries, and the space will be greatly increased; The handle is the most important place to pay attention to in the wash bag. After customizing the wash bag, the enterprise should check whether the sewing process of the handle is handled twice to ensure the degree of stress. The third point is the storage space of the wash bag. Toiletries are generally very fragmentary, so the design feature of wash bags is to put them skillfully. Professional wash bags will design multiple layers to better classify toiletries. Generally, toiletries, convenient tableware, small sample drugs, etc. can be stored. The above is the selection point of the wash bag. When the Enterprise customizes the wash bag, it can easily complete the promotion activities by paying attention to the above basic points.
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