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What details should be paid attention to when customizing shoulder bags?

by:Xilong      2020-04-02
Shoulder bags are one of the fashion trends of today's luggage. Both men and women will treasure several favorite shoulder bags, and the shoulder bags that can be treasured naturally depend more on quality problems before they can be stored for a long time, this is also our enterprise's responsibility to employees and customers, and it is also a problem that our enterprise always pursues. What are the precautions for customizing the shoulder bag? 1. The sewing is exquisite, and the material of the shoulder bag is the basic choice, but whether it is nylon or cowhide, what is more important is the sewing technology of the shoulder bag as a whole. Whether the sewing method of obvious or dark lines is adopted, the length of the stitches should be uniform and no thread ends should be exposed. More importantly, we should check whether the suture of the sample is wrinkle-free and whether the sewing is going to the end. 2. The main point of the shoulder strap, the shoulder strap of the men's shoulder bag is the most important part of the shoulder bag, and it is also the easiest'Problem'The place. There are two reasons for the problem, one is the heavy Test of the shoulder strap, and the other is the test of our body. Therefore, when choosing the shoulder strap of a shoulder bag, we must first consider whether it is wide enough. Generally, it is a good shoulder strap width to Press 2/3 of the shoulder. In terms of width, the bearing capacity of the shoulder strap to the shoulder is reduced; Secondly, considering the pulling property of the shoulder strap, the general shoulder strap will be made of nylon material, and the firmness of nylon material is beyond doubt in the industry, according to the density (Unit: D) The classification of determines the gravity of the shoulder strap. The greater the density, the stronger the gravity. 3. The color and luster of hardware hardware is one of the exterior focuses of the shoulder bag, and it plays a more important role. Therefore, the shoulder bag hardware must ask the shoulder bag customization manufacturer's hardware source, then watch the shape design and workmanship of the hardware, and wipe the sample with water to observe whether the hardware is easy to fade. The above are the issues that need attention in the customization of shoulder bags. Only by choosing a good shoulder bag can we truly meet the needs of our employees and customers and be responsible for the image of our enterprise.
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