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What details should be paid attention to when customizing mountaineering bags?

by:Xilong      2020-04-10
The mountaineering bag is necessary for survival in the wild. Its quality determines his ability to survive in the wild and also determines our outdoor life. Therefore, if enterprises want to choose mountaineering bags as gifts for customization, we should consider practicality instead of using the cover of outdoor backpacks as leisure backpacks. What details should be paid attention to in order to customize the mountaineering bag? 1. Customized mountaineering bag fabric, outdoor backpacks, the market requires waterproof, anti-wear and dustproof. The materials of mountaineering bags commonly used in the market today are mainly divided into four types: polyester, nylon, Cordura and canvas. Their advantages and disadvantages are judged by density. Density (D) It is a parameter reflecting the strength of the mountaineering bag Fabric. The density value is proportional to the thickness of the silk thread. The larger the density value, the thicker the silk thread. Generally speaking, 500D is a strong and water-proof material. And the bottom of the mountaineering bag is one of the most easily worn places, it is best to use more than 1000D fabric. Polyester mountaineering bag has good strength, strong heat resistance and good elasticity, and is a better fabric. However, the dyeing property is worse. If you have higher color requirements, it may be difficult to choose this type. Canvas mountaineering bags are generally made into small mountaineering bags, which are poor in water resistance, easy to be affected with damp, slow in drying and heavy in weight. Nylon, also known as nylon, is light in quality, not easy to absorb moisture, water-proof and quick to dry, wear resistance and strength are also good, and the fire is white. Nylon material is a common outdoor mountaineering bag fabric, generally using 1680D, 840D and 600D materials. Custom nylon mountaineering bag can be scraped and ground 5000 times, not stained with ash and waterproof, plasticity and load-bearing are relatively strong. 2. Customized accessories of mountaineering bags customized accessories of mountaineering bags should pay attention to the selection of webbing, zipper and buckle. The webbing exists on the handle and shoulder strap of the mountaineering bag. The webbing of the shoulder strap is often the fragile part of the mountaineering bag. The quality of the webbing is related to the gravity of the shoulder strap. Therefore, the quality of the mountaineering bag webbing can directly reflect the overall quality of a mountaineering bag. When customizing the mountaineering bag, we should pay special attention to the choice of webbing. Choosing the webbing can test the bearing capacity of the webbing, the bearing capacity of webbing of some high-quality products can reach more than 200. The second is the zipper. The SBS zipper commonly used in the zipper, the legend is the best YKK zipper, he is the originator of the zipper brand, the quality is guaranteed, but the price is naturally high, SBS zipper is relatively moderate. The zipper should be double-headed, which is not only beneficial to storage, but also can prolong the service life of the zipper. Customizing the buckle of the mountaineering bag is the specialty that determines the carrying system of the mountaineering bag. The mountaineering bag Buckle has waist buckle, shoulder buckle, back buckle, etc. If you want to go to the cold area, you must pay attention to whether it can withstand the low temperature. If it is used normally, his quality must be at least heavy and smooth. Good buckles have better toughness and will not break as soon as they break or break as soon as they freeze. Since the current mountaineering activities have almost become a national sport, the fasteners of the customized mountaineering bags are now divided into grades. The ordinary ones are plastic, and the best ones are aluminum alloy. 3. The process of customizing the mountaineering bag determines the length of life of a mountaineering bag. The process is the most important thing. The well-made mountaineering car line should be neat, compact and even, and the car line should be checked from the outline, bottom and inner of the body; There should be a double stitching or jujube process in the place where the force is exerted to ensure the firmness of the force; The stress of the mountaineering bag includes the handle, the upper part of the shoulder strap and the webbing part of the shoulder strap. Therefore, don't choose a factory that is full of thread ends and curved lines for customized mountaineering bags. When choosing a customized mountaineering bag factory, you should make a sample to confirm it in the early stage, and QC of the company will follow up the whole process of customizing the mountaineering bag to ensure that our customized mountaineering bag has high cost performance and quality assurance.
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