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What details should be paid attention to in the customization of sports pockets?

by:Xilong      2020-04-11
When sports are outdoors, the requirements for the quality of sports pockets will be strict. If we customize sports pockets to promote our brand image, customizing a good sports waist bag is to wear a good brand name for your brand. What details should you pay attention to when customizing sports waist bags? 1. Customized material of sports waist bag customized main material of sports waist bag can choose nylon material, canvas cloth, natural leather, synthetic leather and so on. However, no matter what materials are used, they should have good waterproofness, so that even if they encounter sudden rainy days, they will not worry about the contents getting wet. Its wear resistance should also be better, can resist extrusion, will not leave traces. When choosing, you can use the key to draw on it to see if there are any scratches on the leather. The inner lining should be strong, durable, with good hand feeling and no peculiar smell. 2. Sports waist bag customization fastener sports waist bag customization fastener matching is a very important part in the backpack. Belts and shoulder straps are connected through it. A good fastener requires firmness, durability and anti-aging, and has good ductility and low temperature resistance. The figure of hardware is always indispensable to the waist bag, especially the zipper. When purchasing, men should also check whether it is strong and smooth when pulling and closing. 3. The overall workmanship of the sports waist bag, a customized waist bag, must strictly require raw materials, but also need to integrate the advantages of raw materials in technology. The work of the waist bag is rough, the wiring is not strong, the sewing thread is loose, the crooked and so on. We must pay attention to these misdeeds when checking. In addition, the belt of the waist bag should be suitable for itself. It is best to have a wider belt. It will not have a tight feeling and will not affect blood circulation during exercise. For office workers, sports pockets are the casual attitude of life in leisure time, which can reflect a kind of leisure and free and easy in stability. Of course, sports waist can also make work easier and more convenient. Enterprises can customize waist bags for employees and business partners, which is a small-cost gift customization. If you are looking for a waist bag customization manufacturer, you can choose Xilong luggage customization manufacturer. They are your trusted luggage manufacturers.
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