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What details do you pay attention to in customized photography bags?

by:Xilong      2020-04-09
In the era of travel, photography is a must-have. The camera bag is the second most precious thing for every SLR enthusiast. What details should be paid attention to when making camera bags and enterprises that want to borrow camera bags for promotion? 1. Custom camera bag style design, custom camera bag from the usual use, can be divided into shoulder bag, lens bag, backpack and roller trolley bag. The shoulder bag is easy to take, and the small equipment stores the details of the grid, but the storage is small, so it is suitable for urban humanities; The backpack can carry more equipment, because the shoulders are carried, the weight is relatively light, you can walk long distances, and the speed of taking out the equipment is medium. Suitable for a variety of themes, travel, scenery, Humanities, weddings, outdoors, daily commuting has specially designed backpacks. The roller trolley bag can place more and more equipment, and the protection of the equipment is the best, so the customization requirements of the roller trolley bag are also higher, and the professional requirements are more stringent. 2. The storage design of customized camera bags and the style design of customized camera bags also simply explain the storage design of each style. Professional camera bags are normally based on commonly used lenses ( Ultra wide angle lens, wide angle lens, standard lens, medium telephoto lens) The size of the, the choice of accessories and other aspects of the specially designed photography package storage. Or customize a camera bag with adjustable storage size, use PE cotton to divide the main bag memory at will, and place your own camera bag at will. 3. The inner container design of the customized camera bag, if it is an ordinary bag, there is no protective layer of the inner container, while the customized camera bag has a good protective shell and inner container to prevent bumps in the process of putting the backpack and walking, damage equipment. As for the shell of the customized camera bag, you can choose strong and durable nylon, while the inner container can choose diving material and PE cotton thickening to protect the electrical appliance from the impact caused by the shaking of the backpack, but you should polish your eyes and choose the inner container fabric, for example, the computer backpacks, instrument bags and other bags containing the inner container are all provided with 100% pure fabrics by Professional diving materials | PE cotton manufacturers to ensure the best texture and function of the inner container to the greatest extent. Customized a camera bag is not particular about the novelty of appearance, but more important about the inherent practicability and safety of the camera bag, therefore, Xilong luggage proposes to consider the professionalism of the manufacturer in choosing a customized camera bag manufacturer, so that customers can use the reliable camera bag and let the enterprise brand get better publicity.
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