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What bags can you choose on business trip?

by:Xilong      2020-04-04
Business trip is no longer an activity that big-name bosses will do now. As white-collar workers at work, business trip has become a common occurrence, even some'Travel around the world'The feeling. If you have just come into contact with a business trip, please look at this article to understand how to choose the right luggage for a business trip? According to the arrangement of activities and the time of business trips, there are three kinds of bags: briefcase, backpack and luggage case. 1. Briefcase and backpack. If you are on a business trip for two days, a set of clothes for washing is enough. Then you can use daily toiletries and office supplies. You can use a computer backpack to load clothes and computers. The role of briefcase is to face customers more formally, simple and rigorous, and to maintain a rigorous working state at all times on business trips to better take orders. 2. Briefcase and luggage case. The use of luggage case is generally 2-In 3 days, a boarding box can be loaded with 2- 3 days of changing clothes, and can carry on the plane, so that the luggage has been watching closely, more sense of security. The briefcase is as mentioned above, professional and serious face, let the other party get attention. And if it is relatively close to the place of business trip, such as Guangzhou- Dongguan's business trip in the province usually takes only a simple 1680D nylon backpack to get it done, and boldly enough for your backpack to hit the road.
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