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What backpack is good for the company to organize spring outing?

by:Xilong      2020-03-29
The footsteps of winter are gradually away from us. Unconsciously, in the spring we have entered, everything is recovering, and the Earth is competing with a vibrant scene. Warm sunshine, accompanied by the warm spring breeze, love life, Xilong, love work more. Many enterprises are also eager to try at this time and are ready to make great efforts. Of course, there is no need to motivate the team, organize collective spring tours, and outdoor activities with great fanfare. The purpose is to promote the corporate image Team. At this time, you can customize some equipment for your business team, such as custom backpacks, custom satchels, custom hats, etc. , plus corporate LOGO and corporate color, can stimulate team vitality and pride. For the enterprise, it really kills two birds with one stone and adds luster. Therefore, we provide some suggestions on how enterprise companies can customize bags for spring outing activities. First, the choice of bag style is very important. First of all, from the perspective of collective activities, the bag style should be convenient for walking and activities, therefore, it is not recommended to choose larger ones such as travel bags, handbags, shopping bags, etc. and those that need to occupy both hands. Therefore, like a backpack, a small shoulder bag, and a waist bag are all good choices. The main thing is to open your hands to ensure that you can move freely and will not be too affected. Of course, if it is a backpack, you must choose the adjustable function of the shoulder strap and the chest buckle seat belt, so that you can adjust the use according to the body shape of each person, and you will not be baggy and easy to slip when walking, throw unsafe. At the same time, it is easy to bear uncomfortable. Second, the choice of bag material and capacity, in general, outdoor activities should choose some sports and leisure backpacks, waist bags or small satchels. Because it is very outdoor sports, the first thing to consider is comfort, so from the material point of view, try to choose some light, soft and comfortable materials, such as 230D ~ 420D this kind of nylon, Oxford cloth, and some soft canvas, the surface of the material is best to have a waterproof performance effect, can also effectively block some drizzle outdoors. The capacity of the backpack should be selected at 30- Within 35 liters, so even if there are not many eastern suits, it is not easy to appear baggy. At the same time can also meet after daily life practical. Xilong bags have rich experience in customization in these areas. Like an Apollo dream (Apollo's dream) The outdoor leisure backpack with article number 311014 is light in weight, multi-functional, unique in matching, strong and durable, with adjustable strap length, convenient and practical, safe and comfortable. It is also a popular product customized by many enterprises. Third, the logo and color selection of the bag, of course, to customize a backpack requires both colleagues and leadership satisfaction, you can not only pay attention to the first two points and ignore the most important steps behind. First, the selected style can be properly placed on the company or enterprise logo, advertising language. It should not be too big or too small. If it is too big, colleagues don't like it. If it is too small, it is easy to see clearly and has no publicity effect. Therefore, it is very important to choose the logo position of the bag. The second is to choose the color of the bag should not be more, the first to consider some of the color elements of the enterprise, combined with the color of life in the commonly used to consider. Of course, there are still many details in customizing a good bag. The key depends on the company's own demand, customized budget expenses, and frugality. Specifically, these can be communicated in detail with the bag customization manufacturer.
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