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What are the waterproof schoolbags customized?

by:Xilong      2020-04-10
Waterproof schoolbags are what every parent hopes, because children are still young, they will always accidentally knock over water cups or do not know how to protect schoolbags in rainy days, and easily wet schoolbags and books inside. What kind of schoolbag is waterproof? Do the teachers who want to order schoolbags understand? What are the waterproof schoolbags customized today? What are the waterproof schoolbags customized? The waterproof schoolbag can be customized from the material. PVC, TPU and silica gel can be used for customizing waterproof schoolbags, which are soft materials. PVC is one of the largest plastic products in the world. The price is cheap. Customized schoolbags are generally transparent, or colored transparent, with flexible and elastic hand feeling and no image printing. TPU is between rubber and plastic, which is a kind of oil-resistant, water-resistant and mold-resistant material. Compared with PVC and silica gel, its material is harder and its hand feeling is flexible, he can print patterns, generally using screen printing and flexographic printing. Silica gel is soft in texture, slightly smooth in hand feeling, good in flexibility and poor in air permeability. The waterproof schoolbag can be customized and can also move on the material'Careful Machine'. Most schoolbags are made of Oxford cloth, nylon, canvas and polyester, which are generally made of cloth. How can this fabric be waterproof? Xilong luggage manufacturers will blend the waterproof membrane surface into the original material to make the schoolbag waterproof. Rain and cold water can easily float on the surface of the schoolbag without infiltrating into the inside of the schoolbag. Where is the waterproof schoolbag customized manufacturer? Xilong luggage manufacturer can be selected. Xilong luggage manufacturer is a 12-year-old luggage customization manufacturer, with a number of bag assembly lines and professional equipment to provide you with professional bag customization services.
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