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What are the waterproof and breathable luggage fabrics?

by:Xilong      2020-04-22
When purchasing bags and suitcases, most consumers not only consider the price, style, quality and functional practicability, but also pay more attention to the fabric selection of bags and suitcases, first, the fabric of the luggage determines the quality to a large extent. Second, the waterproof and breathability of the luggage fabric determines the comfort of the luggage. In the daily-made luggage, what are the waterproof and breathable luggage fabrics? There are generally two kinds of waterproof and breathable luggage fabrics, namely water- Resistant and waterproof. water- Resistant fabrics can be divided into two types: fiber and permeable membrane. Fiber fabrics have excellent air permeability and poor windproof ability; On the contrary, the permeable fabric is windproof but not breathable, while the Waterproof fabric is generally permeable. Waterproof is a fully Waterproof and breathable luggage fabric. Its two layers are softer than the three layers, but the three layers are stronger. However, using waterproof breathable fabric to make luggage may not be completely waterproof, and there may be a problem of water seepage in the zipper gap, so glue is generally used at the seam, however, this will increase a lot of Labor and the production cost of luggage. water- Resistant and waterproof are two kinds of waterproof and breathable luggage fabrics. These two kinds of waterproof and breathable luggage fabrics have both similarities and differences. The final decision of the quality of the luggage is the manufacturer of the luggage, so I highly recommend the Xilong luggage in this small series. The Xilong luggage focuses on the customization of the luggage for more than ten years, with strong strength, high production level and superb technology, it is a trustworthy manufacturer.
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