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What are the types of custom casual backpacks?

by:Xilong      2020-04-15
When customizing casual backpacks, both individuals and enterprises will pay more attention to the brand, style and color of backpacks, but often ignore the type of casual backpacks. In fact, different types of leisure backpacks have different design features and different uses, especially in the choice of gifts by enterprises. What types of casual backpacks are there? 1. Sports and Leisure backpacks sports and leisure backpacks are mainly used to carry items during daily sports, such as running, cycling, skiing, etc. The weight and capacity of this kind of backpack are relatively small. It belongs to a small backpack. It is usually more stable and breathable, and requires the backpack to cling to the body when exercising, but the durability is poor. Enterprises can customize sports and leisure backpacks, and can choose to give employees travel and product promotion, which are small but useful. 2, Travel Leisure backpack Travel Leisure backpack is mainly suitable for people traveling, its design is diverse, style is changeable. This kind of backpack has a large capacity and can hold more objects. It is usually more convenient and durable. It is commonly used by hikers, long-term travel and long-distance travelers. The enterprise customizes the travel and leisure backpacks, and the group of people who choose are relatively professional outdoor people. They can also choose the staff to go hiking and camping for customization. Custom casual backpacks are exquisite, and the choice of backpack manufacturers requires more careful selection. Choose a casual backpack and find Xilong luggage. Xilong luggage has 12 years of luggage experience and is committed to planning gift luggage solutions for enterprises. It is a professional luggage manufacturer integrating design and production. It is your trustworthy luggage factory.
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