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What are the top ten brands of schoolbags for primary school students?

by:Xilong      2020-04-17
What brands do primary school schoolbags have? What brand is the favorite of primary school students' children? The following is an introduction to the brand of primary school students' schoolbags for your reference. Top ten brands of schoolbags for primary school students: 1. Disney ( Originated in the United States, one of the world's most famous children's clothing brands, its products enjoy a high reputation all over the world, and the brand authorizer Guangzhou Zhongwei daily necessities Enterprise Co. , Ltd) 2. Barbie ( The brand originates from the United States and is authorized to be produced by Fujian Xindai Industrial Co. , Ltd. It has well-known cultural goods brands such as watermelon Taro, Transformers and sweet bees)3, Cartier ( It has strong brands such as SpongeBob, Dora, grass mold sweetheart and Hapi free, and its products have high popularity, Quanzhou kadinu Tourism Products Co. , Ltd) 4. Lianzhong ·Mickey ( Disney stationery licensor, with a series of products such as United UME, United Princess, united Marvel, etc. , selling well in the domestic market, Guangdong United Stationery Co. , Ltd) 5. Hendry ( Professional luggage manufacturer integrating design, production, sales and service, famous brand in China, famous trademark in Guangdong province, Guangdong Hengdeli Industrial Co. , Ltd) The above is the brand information of primary school students' schoolbags, hoping to bring you harvest. If you are a school or educational institution, it is recommended to choose a professional Primary school bag custom manufacturer. You need to know the four major bases of luggage in China, the best of which is Dongguan, Guangdong. Among them, Xilong luggage is a prominent professional luggage manufacturer. It has been providing school education institutions with customized brand bags for 12 years, south China University of Technology and Tsinghua Primary School are long-term customers who provide schoolbag services.
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