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What are the requirements of luggage manufacturers for proofing?

by:Xilong      2020-03-16
For luggage manufacturers, luggage proofing is a common task. Proofing is an indispensable step before customers place orders for production. Only proofing samples can be recognized by customers, only then can customers place orders with manufacturers for mass production. So, what are the requirements of luggage manufacturers for proofing? Let's listen to what Xilong luggage manufacturers say. Although the bag proofing is the old business of the bag manufacturer, it is not the customer who said that the proofing manufacturer will make the proofing. Generally speaking, only the customer meets the following conditions, the manufacturer will confirm the proofing according to the customer's requirements. 1. The style of luggage customized by customers is a wide range of luggage customized by manufacturers. Luggage case, suitcase, backpack, kit and so on can be customized, however, every luggage manufacturer has its own luggage products that are good at making. Some manufacturers are good at customizing package products and some manufacturers are good at customizing box products. Therefore, when consulting manufacturers, it is necessary to pay attention to whether you are looking for the right manufacturer. If you want to customize the package products but find the box product manufacturers, then this is the manufacturer is not good at or even not, the manufacturer will not accept the customer's request for proofing, but will directly reject it. 2. The quantity of bags customized by customers should meet the minimum order quantity of manufacturers. In order to save production costs, many luggage manufacturers have relevant regulations on the minimum order quantity. If the quantity customized by customers cannot reach the minimum order quantity, even if you only do a few or dozens of them, the manufacturer will not make the sample, because the customer can't customize the quantity, even if the sample is made, the manufacturer will not take the order for production, in the end, the manpower and material costs of proofing are wasted. Therefore, for the list with a small number of customizations and no hope of closing the deal, the manufacturer will not accept simple proofing. 3. The proofing manufacturer has to charge a certain deposit. If the customer is sure to make a sample, the manufacturer will purchase the required proofing materials. Although the sample requires less materials, however, when the manufacturer purchases, it is often the lowest one-foot purchase. After the proofing is completed, the remaining materials will become inventory, unless they are used later, they will be wasted. Especially for some special materials and accessories, the probability of waste is higher, which will increase the production cost of the manufacturer to a large extent. Therefore, before the customer does not confirm the order, the manufacturer will often charge the corresponding proofing fee deposit according to the samples required by the customer in order to ensure that it does not lose money, however, most manufacturers will return or return the proofing deposit in full after the customer places an order. If you are a manufacturer, I believe you can also understand why manufacturers charge proofing fees. This is the case with Xilong bags, and the sample fee will be returned after the customer places the order. Please look for Xilong luggage! Xilong luggage was established in 2004. It specializes in custom-made gift bags and bags. It can be customized by sample design, timely proofing, punctual delivery, excellent workmanship and guaranteed reputation. Our company has strong strength, re-credit, abide by the contract, ensure product quality, with integrity, strength and product quality to obtain the recognition of the industry, won the trust of our customers!
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