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What are the requirements for manufacturers to customize nylon briefcases in Shanghai?

by:Xilong      2020-04-22
Briefcase is generally mainly portable, supplemented by diagonal span, but nowadays there are more business people using briefcase, especially business briefcase that can hold notebook, then, if you want to customize nylon briefcase in Shanghai, what requirements do manufacturers need? Shanghai luggage is generally based on trade, while trade suppliers are generally maintained by earning the difference between manufacturers and customers. So if you want to find a custom nylon briefcase from a manufacturer in Shanghai, you must first confirm whether the supplier is a manufacturer or a trader, then screen out qualified manufacturers, and then compare various information of the manufacturer, looking for the best nylon briefcase customization manufacturer. Choose nylon fabric to make briefcase, and it is necessary to customize the model, then this is very high for the manufacturer, one is that nylon fabric has a variety of models, and the models are different, its wear resistance and waterproofness are different, which is a test of manufacturers' integrity; The second is Customization. Manufacturers are generally based on production and processing, and lack of personalized innovation and customization mode. Therefore, there are not many manufacturers that meet the requirements. If you want to customize a nylon briefcase, here, Xiaobian will recommend you manufacturers who meet all the conditions-- Xilong luggage, Xilong luggage focuses on luggage customization for more than ten years, has its own professional research and development designer, and has sufficient ability to develop and design products for customers. Moreover, Xilong is located in Shiling, Guangzhou, the largest production base of luggage, with a scale of more than 200 people and can produce briefcases in large quantities.
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