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What are the requirements for customizing suspended breathable outdoor sports backpacks?

by:Xilong      2020-04-18
At present, outdoor sports are becoming more and more popular in our daily life, which can relieve work pressure and tense nerves, and at the same time can broaden our social circle and increase our knowledge. The practice of outdoor sports is inseparable from sporting goods. Generally, the first choice for outdoor sports is backpack books. What are the requirements for customizing suspended breathable outdoor sports backpacks? In outdoor backpacks, ordinary mountaineering bags are common travel equipment, but compared with suspended breathable outdoor sports mountaineering bags, their functional design, cloth and style are relatively simple, and the backpack feels heavier. However, the suspended mountaineering backpack is designed in combination with human mechanics and adopts imported plastic mesh materials to minimize the pressure on the stressed parts caused by air. The shoulder strap design of the floating backpack is a breathable shoulder strap designed according to human engineering. The belt is cut in three dimensions, and the fabric is made of sponge with high softness and strength, and the three-dimensional ventilation net which can effectively absorb the transferred weight and improve the protection function should be attached to the outside, so that the weight can be scattered on the shoulders, back and waist, which can relieve the backpack's feeling of carrying. Compared with ordinary backpacks, floating breathable backpacks may have many advantages, but the cost will also increase. The most important thing is the choice of manufacturers making floating sports backpacks, not only should we choose manufacturers with strong design and manufacturing capabilities, but also the manufacturers' integrity requirements are very high, so we should choose Xilong luggage strength and integrity manufacturers to make suspended sports backpacks.
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