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What are the problems that need special attention in selecting ladies' bags?

by:Xilong      2020-04-21
The pursuit of beauty is a woman's nature, and now women's pursuit of fashion bags is even better. For most women, the pursuit of bags, rather than more, can not do. One is to have one more bag and suitcase, so the matching of clothes will be less troublesome. The other is to keep up with the ever-changing trend of bags and suitcases so as not to be eliminated by The Times! So what are the problems that need special attention when selecting ladies' bags? First, the taste, when selecting women's bags, you can judge the quality of the bags by smelling the taste of the bags. Generally good luggage, there is no very pungent taste, whether it is the smell of the luggage material itself or the adhesive, the general good luggage is giving off a faint fragrance, not the smell of pungent chemicals or inferior glue. Second, modeling, when selecting women's bags, we should first look at the style structure, curve modeling and appearance design of women's bags as a whole, and we can also judge whether they are good or bad by looking closely at the special parts of women's bags, for example, it is arc, sharp angle, flip cover, etc. Third, texture and texture are the most direct and effective way to judge ladies' bags. Generally good luggage fabrics are very comfortable and full when touched by hand, even some good fabrics have certain softness and can be pressed at will without deformation. From the above three aspects of the selection of women's bags, you can judge the quality of women's bags, you can also judge the true and false of the bags, if you want to know more, welcome to inquire Xilong luggage customer service, we made a special trip to serve you!
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