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What are the precautions for customizing the one-shoulder kit?

by:Xilong      2020-04-10
The customized styles of tool kits are portable, shoulder-to-shoulder and one-shoulder. These common styles of tools can be carried with you, but in the face of different tools, the customized tool kit style should also be properly selected, before customizing, you can first understand the advantages and disadvantages of each style of kit. If you want to customize a one-shoulder kit, what are the precautions for customizing a one-shoulder kit? Friends who have passed the shoulder bag know that the shoulder bag is a kind of casual lightweight backpack, which has a small storage capacity but is also practical, so the shoulder bag is more suitable for small tool products and convenient for activities. If the one-shoulder tool kit is customized, you can add some materials from the design, add the brand of the enterprise and the color of the enterprise image, etc. You only need to design according to the content of the tool on the storage. The material of the custom-made one-shoulder tool kit should be nylon/Oxford cloth with a length of more than 600D. Their firmness and wear resistance are both strong in the cloth industry, with an indestructible feeling, as for how thick nylon is suitable for your tools, it can be determined according to the sharpness and weight of the tools. If there are too many sharp tools, it is generally recommended to choose 1680D materials. In addition, the custom-made shoulder bag kit is also very important for the choice of shoulder straps. The shoulder straps should be thick and resistant to tearing, and the bearing capacity should be strong. The reinforcement points at both ends of the shoulder straps should be pulled to check and prevent the off-line cracking. The pull head and logo are designed according to their own customized styles.
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