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what are the most shoplifted items?

by:Xilong      2019-08-24
When it comes to five annoying retailers, none of them are safeDiscount on fingers.
According to a new survey released by the National Retail Federation, retail crime is now a bigger problem than ever before.
Up to 96% of companies claim they have been victims of theft in the past year, an increase over 94.
5% last year.
\"Criminals have become more desperate and cheeky in their efforts to get a lot of goods at all costs,\" said Rich Mellor, vice president of NRF loss prevention, in the report.
Criminals pursue goods they can sell.
Retail price, NRF found.
So these heights-
Most stolen items?
Robbers take off with an electronic toothbrush, high
End the vacuum and infant formula.
There are some new products on this year\'s list, including kitchen mixers, educational toys and games, GPS equipment and laundry detergent.
Jeans are still one of the most stolen items year after year.
You might be surprised to find out how clever these retail criminal gangs are actually organized --think a toned-
The next version of the 11 th of the ocean, Wayne Rooney and Pete.
In order to get rid of the robbery, the robber team relies on hand signals, mobile phones, GPS devices and comprehensive shopping lists with \"trade tools\" including foil\"
Lined with shopping bags, wallets, boxes and signal jammers to beat the inventory control label.
The 10 most affected cities are Atlanta, Baltimore, and Washington. C.
Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Phoenix and San Francisco are reported.
Here is the list of goods that thieves can grab the most: groceries, cigarettes, energy drinks
High end liquorInfant formulaOver-the-
Counter traditional Chinese medicine anti-sensitivity medicineDiabetic test striipspain relieverweight loss pillsHealth beauty electric toothbrush replacement headsLotions and testestlothing denim jeansDesigner clothing/vivo cell PhonesDigital camerasDigital recordersGPS monitor and height
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