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What are the more practical functional designs of cartoon schoolbags?

by:Xilong      2020-04-17
Cartoon schoolbags are not only children's learning tools, but also some young people's tools and decorations for the current society. So what functional design should a cartoon schoolbag have? If it is a child's schoolbag, its main function is to install learning tools. However, children's learning tools generally include books and stationery, so the main body design is generally good with two compartments, and the external mesh bag design and other decorations are best not too much, this can prevent some unnecessary accidents, and one or two drinking water cups can be placed. If it is a young man, the function is not so particular, it can be decorated. Customizing a practical cartoon schoolbag for children requires high design function, so the strength requirements of the cooperative customization manufacturers are also very strict, xilong has been in the luggage customization industry for 12 years, has more than ten years of rich management experience and has fully equipped plate room facilities, and is also equipped with professional research and development and design teams below, in terms of functional design, there is sufficient strength to meet the requirements of customers. If you have custom bags, welcome to consult!
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