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What are the materials for making customized box plates for Shanghai luggage case?

by:Xilong      2020-04-13
There are many luggage case on the market, and there are also many materials for making luggage case plates. Which materials are commonly used in Shanghai luggage case customization? The following are three categories of luggage case plates commonly used in the market according to different materials: 1. ABS luggage case plate material. ABS luggage case plate refers to the main Styrene (S), Acrylonitrile (A), Butadiene (B)A copolymer of these three monomers. ABS box plate has high surface hardness, high strength, good pressure resistance, good elasticity and corrosion resistance, and good chemical resistance. It adopts ABS box plate customized luggage case, with smooth surface and rich color, and the price is proportional to the quality, it is very popular with white-collar workers and fashion people, so many enterprises will also customize ABS luggage case to please business partners. 2. PC luggage case plate material. PC material is actually one of the engineering plastics we call. As one of the materials widely used in the world, it is also often used in the construction of aluminum boxes. The PC luggage case is customized from the PC luggage case plate. It is resistant to falling and pressure, and has a stronger bearing capacity than the ABS luggage case. It is suitable for business people who travel and travel for a long time. 3. Material of aluminum alloy trolley case box plate. Aluminum Alloy luggage case plate is the most expensive luggage case plate at present. Aluminum alloy case plate has low density but extremely high strength, excellent thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance, and is commonly used in aircraft, automobiles and high-tech products, it is often used in safes, luggage boxes and password boxes for extremely strong safety. Most of the enterprises that customize aluminum alloy boxes are insurance industry, medical enterprises, army, etc. What are the materials for making customized box plates for Shanghai luggage case? At present, the quality of luggage case on the market is uneven, but only the box plate made of the above three materials is a qualified box plate, and a qualified luggage case can be made. For example, high-quality aluminum box can be said to be the best in luggage case boards.
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