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What are the material choices for a good shoulder bag?

by:Xilong      2020-03-29
Shoulder bags have always led the fashion front line of luggage, and they are also various in material and have their own merits, covering the trend of different styles. What shoulder bags are made of in each different style? The shoulder bag style materials listed below are all classic. A business style shoulder bag commonly used material PU leather, in short, PU is polyurethane, also known as artificial leather. It has the texture of genuine leather, which is different from genuine leather in that it is very strong and durable, and the price is low. PU synthetic leather is an updated version of PVC, and the price is higher than that of PVC Artificial Leather. In terms of chemical structure, PU synthetic leather is closer to genuine leather fabric and has soft properties on itself, so PU shoulder bags will not become hard and brittle. The appearance of the PU shoulder bag is rich in color and many patterns, and the price is cheaper than the leather fabric, so the sales volume in the market always has a good number. Genuine LeatherGenuine Leather' It is a common word in the market of leather products, and it is a customary name for natural leather to distinguish synthetic leather. In the consumer's concept,'Genuine Leather'It also has a non-false meaning. It is mainly processed from the skin of animals. There are various kinds of genuine leather, different structures, different qualities and different prices. Therefore, genuine leather is not only a general term for all natural leather, but also a vague sign in the commodity market. The leather shoulder bag is quite noble in appearance, with unique and elegant temperament. The leather shoulder bag contains small net fiber bundles and has inherent good air permeability and flexibility. However, the disadvantage is that it is not wear-resistant and waterproof. The price is double that of other materials. Second, the casual style shoulder bag material, canvas, canvas shoulder bag style, general design can be raised and crossbody, high quality extensibility can also be used as an outing luggage bag, it is the largest satchel used by girls. The reason why girls love it lies more in its fashion trend, which makes it no longer just a simple canvas bag, but also one of the indispensable matches of fashionable clothes. Polyester polyester material is characterized by light and thin, rich color, a certain degree of wear resistance, is a common leisure backpack material. His material is rich in color and is favored by girls, so it is basically used in women's shoulder bag. Because he is light and thin and has a general bearing capacity, the designed internal structure compartments are not too many, which is suitable for girls to go shopping. However, some manufacturers use it as an outdoor backpack, but when it comes to the material of the outdoor backpack, it is naturally not as strong and durable as the nylon material of the King of the outdoor backpack. Nylon, nylon color is generally black, his color is not outstanding, but it is very in line with men's business and leisure travel. Nylon itself is more important in its material characteristics, which is the strongest in firmness, wear resistance and load-bearing among all materials, and is very suitable for men's long-term style characteristics. However, the more wear-resistant nylon shoulder bag has more weight. The fabric of each shoulder bag has its own unique features and is still widely used. I believe that in the above introduction, you have chosen the most suitable shoulder bag according to your own needs or the needs of the company. If you still feel that you don't understand anything, please ask questions actively!
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