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What are the main functions of emergency kits?

by:Xilong      2020-04-24
Emergency relief package is a collection of tools used to deal with various disasters. Although emergency relief packages are distributed in many places, emergency relief packages are rare in Chinese residents' families, including in the market is also particularly rare. Xiao Bian has been looking for earthquake emergency relief kits in many ways, but whether it is shopping malls, supermarkets, outdoor goods stores, fire-fighting equipment stores, only the fire-fighting emergency kits are seen, emergency kits for earthquakes are rare. There should be multi-functional demolition axe, anti-smoke mask, steel core fire rescue rope, Fire belt, anti-skid gloves, fire blanket, strong light flashlight, first aid kit, scald cream, reflective strip, vehicle-mounted fire extinguisher and other items in the emergency kit. For ordinary residents, the knowledge of civil air defense is still relatively lacking. It is not easy for residents to take the initiative to learn and even buy civil air defense equipment. Emergency kits and other civil air defense supplies are one of the best ways to reduce personal injuries when disasters occur. As long as positive guidance is done, everyone will have a clear and rational understanding of civil air defense supplies such as emergency kits. In fact, emergency kits are not expensive. A small bag can save lives at a critical moment. Emergency kits are widely used. First of all, whether on the road or at home, after an accident occurs, before the arrival of the ambulance, the first aid kit will relieve the deterioration of the injury to the greatest extent and eliminate or reduce the adverse consequences, played an important role. Secondly, in the event of an accident, it is essential to properly handle the wound and prevent infection. I believe everyone knows the serious consequences caused by wound infection, sometimes even fatal. In response to this, the emergency kit should be equipped with high-quality sterile dressings, gauze, bandages, iodine and cotton swabs, etc. , which can effectively prevent wound infection in the event of an accident. Innovative iodine and cotton swabs are safe, hygienic and extremely convenient to use.
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