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What are the logo crafts for custom-made travel bags?

by:Xilong      2020-04-12
The traveling bag maximizes the practicality and is an outdoor bag with convenient carrying and large storage capacity during travel. In recent years, with the popularity of the travel industry, travel bags have gradually appeared in the categories of promotional commodities, business gifts and customer gifts. The only difference is that each travel bag has printed the brand logo of the enterprise, to achieve the role of promoting corporate brand. What logo crafts do you have for custom-made travel bags? Hot stamping: hot pressing process is a low-cost and fast-speed method to obtain parallel replication structures at micro-nano scale, requiring only one mold, identical structures can be copied to large surfaces as needed. The technological process is divided into die preparation, stamping process and graphic transfer. Compared with the traditional nano-processing method, hot stamping has the characteristics of flexible method, low cost and biocompatibility, and can obtain high resolution and high aspect ratio structure. Silk screen printing: in the traditional sense, silk screen printing is a technology that uses steel plates and a porous fabric to generate prominent images. In short, the net is placed on the support frame, which is exquisitely woven from porous fabrics. The mesh is covered by an impermeable steel plate, which is printed on the front of the image. The place where there is no cover is exactly where the ink is to be printed. Hardware mold opening logo: As the name implies, hardware mold opening is a secondary development or transformation of metal raw materials to form a characteristic logo. Mold opening was originally a noun for mechanical production or process production, referring to the manufacture of mold groups. The hardware mold logo is golden and shining. If you set the style of the luggage, it will generally highlight a noble business temperament and be loved by many corporate customers.
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