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What are the fabric choices for laptop bag customization?

by:Xilong      2020-04-08
Laptop bag is the briefcase of modern people, the home of the laptop bag of professionals, choose a professional laptop bag, the basis of quality assurance is the choice of fabric, therefore, the customization of a laptop bag should choose high-quality fabrics, and each fabric presents a different texture. What are the fabric choices for the laptop bag customization? What are the fabric choices for laptop bag customization? Polyester, polyester material has high strength and good elasticity, which is somewhat similar to wool. It has strong heat resistance and does not absorb moisture. Generally, polyester backpacks are mainly made for leisure sports. The material is smooth and light, waterproof and wear-resistant, and is not easy to fade. Polyester material is used for sports backpacks, student backpacks, cosmetic bags, etc. Nylon, nylon also known as nylon. Nylon material density is relatively high, so the bag surface is very strong and elastic, wear-resistant and easy to clean, at the same time has a good waterproof effect, excellent shockproof power also makes him the darling of computer bags. General nylon backpack is mainly designed in pure color. The material is firm and stain-resistant, not easy to scratch, and the anti-aging property is the strongest among all backpack materials, which can be used for a long time. Generally used for high-grade backpack, outdoor backpack and trolley case. Cow leather the raw material of cow leather is made of various animal skins, with high-end appearance and soft hand feeling. It is generally used as leather for high-grade products like superior cattle leather and sheep leather, the durability of backpacks made of these materials has been greatly improved, which is also very popular with users. However, his low cost performance limits the use of leather bags to a certain extent. DuPont material DuPont material is a new type of protective technology material, which is developed and exclusively authorized by Xilong luggage. The fabric itself has the three-proof function, not afraid of water in rainy days, not afraid of dust when traveling outside, not afraid of oil and water when eating and napping, which is the three-proof effect of waterproof, oil-proof and dust-proof. DuPont material computer backpack has amazing texture, comparable to leather material and unique flavor, which is the upgrading trend of computer backpack material.
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