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What are the fabric choices for custom men's backpack?

by:Xilong      2020-04-08
Men's backpack or leisure or business, or solid color or colorful, in the pursuit of fashion and personalized in the 21st century, men's backpack styles are becoming more and more rich, but the requirements for material are still clear, this is also one of the important factors for enterprises to choose customized men's shoulder bags. What fabric is there for customized men's shoulder bags? 1. Canvas, canvas men's backpack is low in cost, so the design pursues fashion and personality, so that the whole canvas bag ignores the material due to design, moreover, personalized canvas bags are more in line with the aesthetic standards of today's young people. If you customize canvas men's backpack, please pay attention to choosing a bag manufacturer with creative design team to help you win the hearts of customers at low cost. 2. Nylon/polyester, nylon backpack features'Quality' , Polyester backpack features'Light' The price of polyester is comparable to that of canvas, and the style is also very good. Many times it is used for casual backpacks. However, compared with canvas, it has less sense of civilians and no casual desire of canvas bags. Nylon backpack pursues quality, and its style design is always based on'Pure tone' See the world, so his market is stable and heavy. 'Business people' As long as a little bit of contrast color is added, business people can become active and fashionable, and he is more suitable for strong and durable. Technology pressure' Even if they carry their notebooks, mobile phones and ipad, they will not break their nylon backpacks. 3. Men's leather/pu leather backpack can reflect a primitive noble beauty, even PU imitation leather. PU backpack can shape the noble beauty of environmental protection, which is also a kind of concept propaganda for enterprises, and PU can also dominate the business and leisure circles, but it is very particular about maintenance, not to mention genuine leather. What are the fabric choices for custom men's backpack? The above three types of fabrics are the common original form of men's backpacks. Enterprises can choose according to the objects corresponding to backpacks, corporate concepts and corporate image. If it is a canvas bag, it will highlight innovation, polyester will highlight lightness, nylon will highlight texture, while genuine leather pursues nobility, PU will highlight the awareness of environmental protection of enterprises in the new era.
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