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What are the fabric choices for custom boarding boxes?

by:Xilong      2020-04-10
Netizens respond that they often travel on business, and they want to associate various situations: the sudden change of environment, the carrying of clothes, the inconvenience of transportation and safety problems. The customized boarding boxes are generally customized welfare gifts for employees, it is not only a gift to employees, but also a bigger reason to facilitate the business travel of most employees. With the development of enterprises, travel will also increase frequently, so enterprises have strict quality requirements for customized boarding boxes. For example, TCL has the most stringent requirements on the customization of boarding boxes among many luggage gifts, and the choice of fabric is the first step in their customization of boarding boxes. What fabric choices do they have for customizing boarding boxes? 1. Soft mounting case soft luggage case has oxford cloth, nylon and polyester fabrics, of which nylon fabric is the most commonly used. Nylon fabric has the characteristics of wear resistance, Compression Resistance, flame retardant, waterproof, scratch resistance and strong toughness, which makes the box more durable. It is not a matter of wind and rain during travel. The wear resistance of nylon mounting case is much higher than that of ordinary soft mounting case. At the same time, this kind of fabric can bear the water pressure of up to two meters, still keeping the articles in the box dry, thus ensuring the safety of the articles in the box well, and his breathability is not afraid of leaving the choking smell of not washing clothes after travel; Nylon fabric mounting case focuses on quality and function to better ensure smooth travel activities. 2. Hard boarding box the fabric of hard boarding box is PC, PU and abs pc. The most commonly used hard boarding box fabric is PC, which is the strongest material among all luggage case. The PC box is made of polycarbonate and is made of bulletproof glass, so it is especially strong and durable. There is no problem at all for an adult station weighing more than 200. PC box surface is smooth, anti-fall, impact resistance, wear resistance; Waterproofness is one of the favorite characteristics of travelers; In addition, it has the texture of metal, and the gorgeous color makes business travel less monotonous. His color is a bright spot that brings different moods to travelers.
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