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What are the employee benefits granted by enterprises?

by:Xilong      2020-04-06
Nowadays, enterprises pay more and more attention to the welfare of employees, and the welfare of enterprises is one of the competitions in recruitment. Formal enterprises include employee provident fund, vacation and travel, annual physical examination, Enterprise year-end bonus or dividend, catering subsidy, health and medical care, internal and external training, car purchase or transportation subsidy, allowance and extra subsidy, and enterprises annuity or commercial insurance. However, in the eyes of employees, these are the benefits that a company must have. It can maintain an employee's basic trust in the company, and there is also a kind of employee welfare that can bring different effects. This kind of employee welfare gift is an extra benefit for employees of every enterprise now. He may give gifts to employees on traditional festivals and may provide comfort gifts to employees at the end of the previous year, there may also be more surprise gifts for employees from time to time. Employee welfare gifts are to meet the needs of employees in uncertain periods and make employees feel warm, thus rapidly enhancing employees' loyalty. Choosing employee welfare gifts should choose gifts that are practical, intuitive, not precious and not low-grade. Xilong bags recommend enterprises to choose luggage boxes that can be used both in life and work on business trips and personal trips. Customize an exclusive enterprise luggage case as a representative of the Enterprise when on a business trip, and when seeing customers, it can better show the standardization and belief of the enterprise; On weekdays, more people can know the enterprise brand through the circle of employees, which is a publicity method with small cost and large return.
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