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What are the differences between mountaineering bags and ordinary backpacks?

by:Xilong      2020-04-24
Ordinary bags are our daily necessities, while mountaineering bags are mainly keen on going out for activities, such as mountaineering and field play. So what are the differences between mountaineering bags and ordinary backpacks? First, materials used for mountaineering bags generally need to consider environmental factors, such as mountain forests and other complex areas, so the materials used for mountaineering bags need thick and high-strength waterproof and wear-resistant nylon materials with waterproof coating, and it is best to choose seamless waterproof zipper and high-strength engineering group buckle. However, ordinary bags are much simpler, mainly using simple and light fabrics. Second, the carrying system and the carrying system of mountaineering bags are the top priority of bags and suitcases. It is necessary to focus on whether they conform to the design of human mechanics and perspiration heat dissipation function, and whether there is a carrying frame inside, in addition, the backpack strap, abdominal strap, etc. need to consider the design of the wide and thick style, and the waist needs to be equipped with a waist pad to increase the comfort. The ordinary bag is simple. Although it is considered to carry the system, it is not so important. Compared with ordinary bags, mountaineering bags are more rigorous. After all, mountaineering bags need to be challenged during the journey, so they attach great importance to waterproof, wear resistance and comfort. So if you are interested in custom-made mountaineering bags, please call us to inquire about Xilong bags.
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