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What are the differences between a business bag and a briefcase?

by:Xilong      2020-04-22
There are many kinds of luggage, which are divided according to the fabric. There are fabric, leather and plastic luggage, and then there are nylon, canvas, pp and cowhide; If divided by function, there will be business, leisure, outdoor, etc. , and then subdivided, there will be business backpacks, business briefcases, casual diagonal bags, etc. What are the differences between business bags and briefcases in luggage? The difference between a business bag and a briefcase is not very big. Briefcase is generally used'Square' The design is the main one, and the version is relatively compact, which can fully highlight the refinement of business people and is more suitable for men with fat body. Business package is based on'Box' Mainly, the version is more bloated, generally suitable for business travel. Now, when the business bag is integrated with the briefcase, there is a style of business briefcase. Business briefcase is generally used'U shape' The line design can make the bag body less bloated and more suitable for business men with various body characteristics. And compared with the traditional briefcase structure design, the business briefcase makes full use of the large space of the bag body, not only is equipped with a notebook computer that can be safely loaded, it is also equipped with separate compartments for carrying mobile phones, wallets, keys, etc. The difference between business bag and briefcase is mainly in style design, but the business briefcase designed by combining business bag and briefcase is more popular in the market. So if you want to customize the business briefcase, the first choice is to customize the Xilong luggage manufacturer. Xilong luggage has been established for more than ten years and has been focusing on the customization of business backpacks and business briefcases. The strength of the manufacturer is trustworthy!
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