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What are the details of luggage customization?

by:Xilong      2020-08-20
Customization, as the name implies, is to be tailored, not only to meet your aesthetic, but also to meet your needs. In order to better make our bags more functional and meet our shopping needs, many people now use their bags to achieve their own purposes, now there are more and more manufacturers of this customized design, which can be selected through some details. First, the luggage material and style, first of all, is the design for the whole style, and to figure out what kind of materials to use, so as to be able to design a very reasonable luggage, therefore, in order to ensure everyone's use needs, and in view of the use function and materials of the whole luggage, it can conform to the current trend and fashion, when customizing the luggage, choosing materials and styles is a very important basic work. Second, the right manufacturer needs to choose the right manufacturer to order after determining the style and material selection. Now there are more and more custom-made manufacturers, and the service of luggage customization is more extensive, however, in order to get better use requirements, everyone must make targeted comparisons when choosing manufacturers, so as to ensure the quality of the design and the finished products that can be produced, meet our personal needs. Third, the starting point, functional requirements, aesthetic requirements 1. The starting point, the purpose of customizing bags and bags, what activities are customized bags and bags mainly used for, this is the primary factor. Commonly used bags include backpacks, travel bags, briefcases, leisure bags, computer bags, etc. , which can be roughly oriented according to their own customization purposes. 2. Functional requirements, according to the purpose of customizing bags, further consider in detail what specific functional requirements you have for bags, such as large capacity, waterproof, computer bag size, and whether the backpack is strong. 3. Aesthetics requires people to learn and improve their abilities in constant attempts, and so does aesthetics. Whether it is color, cloth or brand style, it is the embodiment of a person's taste. Colors can be chosen according to your hobbies. Common materials include canvas, Oxford, nylon, etc. Styles also have their own advantages, such as trends, leisure, sports, fashion, etc. Luggage customization has a lot of knowledge. When it is difficult to make a choice, it is good to give yourself such a clear choice!
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